Rejuvenate your relationships and stop the patterns of distrcution!

Relationships are the key to women reclaining their power and strength…….

Rejuvenate your relationship with self

I distinctly remember a few years ago feeling completely out of control and overwhelmed by the number of  external circumstances (aka people for the most part) who impinged on my wellbeing, my sense of self, my own competence and my clarity.  They created stress in my life, competed with me for recognition and stature, and kept me in a constant state of self-protection.

What I had difficulty grasping was why this always happened to me.  Every situation—personally with my family and friends and professionally with my boss and co-workers— seemed to create the same challenges for me.   Everywhere I went, conflict followed; people were impossible.

Exasperated, I actually researched training that I could take to change the difficult people in my life.  I was surprised to learn that the problem was not with…(continue on)

Rejuvenate your relationship with others

Relationships occupy our lives each and every day.  We are constantly in relationships with others –personal relationships with spouses, siblings, parents, children, and friends; co-worker relationships; neighbor relationships; and professional relationships with doctors, lawyers, bankers, and accountants.

Because we all have different needs—often competing interests and values—conflict is inevitable.   In my teaching career as a conflict resolution instructor, I have never had a student who has not been involved in some type of conflict—a money issue with a spouse, a neighbor dispute over a barking dog or a fence, or a workplace relationship conflict; there is never an absence of conflict. 

Conflict can be described as a difference in perspective or points of view.  Conflict by its very nature is neither good nor bad; rather it’s the way conflict is dealt with that often presents a challenge.

But what causes these conflicts and how can you avoid it? Read more…

Rejuvenate your relationship with Money

We all strive to have more money.  Having plenty of money gives so many more choices about how we live our lives—where we vacation or whether we can even afford a vacation, what kind of car we drive, where we live and work and what we do in our spare time. Yes, money can truly change our lives and our destiny. 

But can too much money always be a good thing?  We have all heard stories about lives being destroyed by instant fame and fortune.  Many family feuds have occurred over inheritances and many fights have broken out because of money.

What beliefs about money cause these and other negative circumstances to occur? Continue Reading…

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